Surf The World & Work Remotely

Soul-filling experiences for all levels of surfers

Recharge, Reconnect & Get Work Done

Spend 1 to 4 months surfing, working and living in relaxed beach towns in Chile and Peru with a small community of remote-working professionals.

UNLEASH takes you off the beaten path to places with great waves, solid-internet, minimal-crowds and vibrant local culture. Achieve your ideal surf-work lifestyle, refine your cutback, reconnect with yourself or your partner on an adventure of a lifetime.

The best waves of your life await - and are in walking distance to your fully-equipped cowork space and private apartment.

You Work, You Surf,
We Take Care Of The Details

UNLEASH sets up everything you need to be productive, comfortable and surf-happy; a private apartment, shared workspace, waves in walking distance and an inspiring group of professionals to share your experience with. Bring your board, your laptop, and be ready for a most excellent adventure.

Coworking Space

Private Apartment

Solid Internet

Surf Lessons & Coaching

Small Group

Surf Trips

Yoga & Spanish Lessons

Walk Everywhere

Be A Local

Inspiration & Support

Couples Friendly

Beyond Surfing

Surf Fun & Consistent Waves Every Day

Internet-reliable coworking spaces, exclusive to UNLEASH

Live steps from surf in relaxed towns full of history and culture

Connect with locals and your small UNLEASH group

You Deserve To Unleash

We get it that life is super-busy and taking a ‘real’ vacation, let alone a few months off isn’t in the cards until retirement. But working while you focus on what you love is possible. Unleash makes it easy for you to keep up your productivity so you have more time to travel, surf and achieve your personal life goals.


Do you feel like you're awesome when you're doing what you love? Unleash makes work-life-balance easy so you have the time to connect with your best self.


Leave the mental clutter at home. Make room for the things that fill your soul and make you amazing. Go on new adventures, create memories and learn new things.


That feeling of childlike wonder you get from travelling and surfing is still there and it’s full of energy. Unleash provides that extra bit of space you need to find it.


Fill up your soul with glassy sunset sessions, new experiences and a steady state of chilled-out. Strengthen your inner child by seeing things from a different place in the world.

Amy & John

We are surfers, professionals and experienced travellers who have made surfing and living in amazing places part of our lifestyle.

Come with us to places where the surf is consistent, the internet is solid, the lifestyle is simple, the local culture is engaging and everything you need - including surf - is within a short walk from your home and your office.

Meet Your Hosts

Surf The World & Work Remotely

There are only a few spots available for the inaugural 2018 trip

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We’ll send you monthly updates on where we are, who is on board and what’s next for UNLEASH.