Arica, Chile



Beach breaks, point breaks, reef breaks - Arica has more than 5 solid wave-options within walking distance of where you’ll work and live. Non-stop swell, clean water and good local vibes.


Walk or bike everywhere, watch the world go by hanging out in a pretty little square, share some excellent Chilean wine and empanadas with friends and sample local olives and fruits at the bustling town market.


Arica is more than a paradise for ocean-lovers. Nestled into a volcanic landscape, the vast deserts, snow-capped peaks, high-altitude lakes provide perfect terrain for trekking, paragliding and sandboarding.


Arica is a youthful and vibrant city, with a strong presence of Quechua speaking peoples famous for their traditional artesania. The massive carnival in February is a spectacular display of regional music and dance.

Why Arica Chile?

Arica is the perfect surf city; waves for every level of surfer, tasty post-surf snacks, crystal clear water and year-round sun.

Palm trees line several pedestrianized streets and the compact town-centre is a short walk from long beaches. Ride your bike to the bustling town market, pick up a local wine, spend a weekend in the Andes with flamingos and alpacas or explore more wave-rich areas up and down the coast.

Upcoming Trips

UNLEASH carefully curates locations, living spaces and work environments to maximize your wave count, productivity and overall experience.

Fuerza del Sol

Arica, Chile
Duration: 2 months

Fuerza del Mar

Arica, Chile & Huanchaco, Peru
Duration: 4 months Flight between destinations included

Fuerza de la Luna

Huanchaco, Peru
Duration: 2 months

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