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Bringing amazing humans together is perhaps the main reason we created Unleash. We wanted to be around people who create what they want to see in the world and who live and work a little differently from the mainstream.

It’s fulfilling to be among brilliant, kind and adventurous people who expand your perspective on what is possible.

Family Surf Adventure Huanchaco with Unleash Surf
Unleash Surf Group Surfing Workshop, Huanchaco Peru

We have a "type"

People who come on Unleash are curious about the world, deeply grounded and thrive on trying new things. Most of them are passionate about getting good at surfing - or learning how to surf for the first time.

Our participants are successful entrepreneurs, creatives, executives, professors, journalists, architects, educators, online business owners, lawyers, restaurateurs and marketers.

Most have shaped their job to fit their lifestyle priorities, and others are there to test out a new way of working and broaden their thinking of what is possible in life and work.

Many of our participants have worked together after Unleash, and many others have become lifelong friends.

Lucia Fernandez's Unleash Surf Review

"I have to say, it was a stellar group of people you brought together. I am so glad I went to Peru and met you guys."

Lucia Fernandez

Manuela And Nick’s Unleash Surf Experience

Manuela And Nick’s Unleash Experience

Remote-working and experienced travellers Nick and Manuela share how Unleash took care of the details so they could focus on work, surf and cultural experiences.

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Renaud’s Unleash Surf Experience

Renaud’s Unleash Experience

Headhunter and wavehunter extraordinaire, Renaud talks about how easy it is to get his work done and surf his face off on Unleash.

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Nicholas Roubal's Unleash Surf Review

"The Unleash community was authentic, local, diverse, and each person that was brought in was special and unique, so it felt like something I wanted to be a part of."

Nicholas Roubal
Business Process Operations Consulting

Lotte’s Unleash Surf Experience

Lotte’s Unleash Experience

Dutch designer Lotte describes how Unleash was the perfect way for her to relax, work and plan her next chapter.

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