You Work, You Surf, We Take Care Of The Details

What's Included

Unleash Surf sets up everything you need to be productive, comfortable and surf-happy: a private apartment, shared workspace, waves in walking distance and an inspiring group of professionals to share your experience with. Bring your board, your laptop and be ready for the surf journey of a lifetime.

Coworking Space

24-hour wifi and access to cowork spaces that are exclusive to our group

Private Apartment

Your own fully equipped apartment that is within walking distance to surf and key amenities

Solid Internet

Wifi at your coworking space, apartment, and SIM cards to ensure connectivity no matter what

Surf Lessons & Coaching

Bump up your surfing game with one-on-one surf coaching

Small Group

Unleash Surf is an immersive community experience - only 10-12 people are selected for each Unleash Surf location

Surf Trips

Twice per month we’ll take you on customized surf trips to other great waves in the region

Yoga & Spanish

Optional bi-weekly yoga and Spanish classes to support your surfing fitness and language goals

Walk Everywhere

In each location you can stroll to surf, the cowork space, the local market and cafes

Be A Local

2 months in each Unleash Surf location gives you time to get to know new waves, new people, and find all the best local experiences (we’ve got plenty of tips for each location)

Inspiration & Support

We host a weekly group happy-hour for swapping work-related stories, ideas and advice

Couples Friendly

Couples receive a 5% discount off trip pricing - yet another reason to have an unforgettable adventure together

Beyond Surfing

We select locations that are rich with opportunities to immerse yourself in local culture, history, music, nature and culinary experiences

There's More

  • Add-on packages to visit Machu Picchu (Peru) and San Pedro de Atacama (Chile)
  • Curated list of local eateries and things-to-do so you know the best places to get a pedicure, repair your board and eat a ceviche
  • Surf-spot guide for each location, with tips on when to surf and where to get in
  • Cowork space and apartment are set up with speedy wifi so you can depend on Skype, Netflix, YouTube, etc.
  • A local SIM card to provide an extra layer of internet reliability
  • Private space for calls available at cowork space
  • Photographer and videographer to capture your best moves in and out of the water
  • Fully equipped kitchen so you can cook for yourself - and experiment with the amazing fresh produce and fish available locally
  • Optional cultural experiences such as hiking, museums, cooking classes, Andean carnival, biking, national parks
  • Mini-Workshops by local surf-legends and influencers on local history, current issues and culture

Run By Surfers

We want the same things you do: Fun waves, surf as much as possible, be productive at work, live comfortably, meet awesome people and have an amazing experience getting to know the local culture.

2019 Trips & Pricing

Unleash Surf carefully curates locations, living spaces and work environments to maximize your wave count, productivity and overall experience.

Register before July 1, 2018 and qualify for our early bird discount of 10%.

14 Days

Huanchaco, Peru
14 day trip dates: February


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1 Month

Huanchaco, Peru
1 month trip dates: February


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2-3 Months

Huanchaco, Peru
2-3 month trip dates: February & March
March & April

$4,299 a month

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*Couples receive an additional 5% discount off all trips.
Prices are in U.S. Dollars

Unleash Surf Culture

Local Benefit

Unleash Surf is aligned with local change-makers who do good things for their communities and for the environment. We source products and services from locally-owned businesses and we ensure that Unleash Surf contributes to the economic, social and environmental health of the places we visit.

Mindful Travel

We take the Unleash Surf community to places that we adore and provide them with the opportunity to integrate with local rhythms. We journey thoughtfully and respectfully, to learn from the people we meet, the places we visit and the unexpected experiences that make travelling delightful.

Sustainable Living & Travel

Every aspect of Unleash Surf is designed with low-footprint travel, environmental benefit and sustainable living in mind. We partner with eco-friendly suppliers, select locations that you can walk, bike or take transit everywhere and provide tips for living sustainably in each location.

Sparking Great Things

Unleash Surf creates the conditions for great things to happen; we bring adventurous people together and take them to amazing places where they experience soul-filling surf every day. We provide a spacious but supportive structure so that community members can gain what they need from their journey, while making life-changing connections with each other, the local people and themselves.

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